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A Letter to Narcissists

Dear Narcissists, I'm writing this letter, to give you a little insight into your life and relationships. What makes me the authority on narcissism? I'm not, but like many others I have had a lot of interactions with narcissists over the years. It began as a confusion on my part. A, not knowing my own worth, and allowing myself to be victimized by narcissists. It then turned into a little bit of knowledge about what a narcissist is, and then it turned into more knowledge about the disorder. At first I was angry about it. I hated it. But the more I learn, the more I feel sorry for narcissists. If you're finding that all of your relationships aren't working out, that nobody can seem to get along with you, people leave you all your life, and they blame you. If you feel like you are unlovable, and you are afraid of being left-and then, that's exactly what happens-you might have some narcissistic tendencies. Sometimes when people think of a narcissist,
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5 Things You MUST DO to Stay on Your Diet and Exercise

  Recently, I have gotten back on the wagon of health. I have spent a lot of my life highly addicted to sugar, and in the not so distant past, found myself 20 lbs overweight. I had never felt so tired, and so sluggish in my life. Currently, I am working out at least 5 days/week, and am eating a much healthier diet. I know what they say about diets: it can't just be a diet, it has to be a lifestyle change. That's absolutely true. Diets come and go, but changing the way you think, changing the way you accomplish your goals, is what is truly going to change your life forever. Below, I wrote about the 5 things you must have to stick to your diet and exercise: Have a big enough why This is really important. Your why, is the underlying reason you are doing any of this in the first place. Do you want to look and feel better? Do you want to be able to wear your favorite dress again, or have more energy? You have to have a reason WHY you're doing it all (in any

5 Habits to a Better Life

  Exercise There are always a lot of excuses not to exercise. I know, because I have made many of them myself. “I'm too tired, I don't have time. I would if only I had a gym membership,” and so forth and so forth. There is no excuse not to exercise, and the reason is very simple: exercise gives you time and energy. Not only does exercise likely increase your life-span, it increases the time in the day you have and the energy you have. How does it do that? Well, if I spend a week not exercising, I get up at 6, do my daily stuff, work, make dinner, and lay down at the end of a long day by 8 to watch TV, I'm not really getting the most out of my day. If I exercise, for one thing, I am in a better mood all day, and I have the energy to stay up, get some things done, and sleep a little less. I have the energy to keep going as long as I need to instead of crashing at the end of the day. Now I am a single mom, and I know how some single moms are feeling out there.

5 Things I Learned About Grieving

The five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance from 5 Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kubler Ross & David Kessler Here are 5 things that I learned about grieving: Each person deals with grief differently I've learned by watching a lot of true crime shows, that our culture expects people to deal with grief in a similar fashion. There are certain expectations of how a person should show grief when they have lost a loved one. However, grief doesn't work like that. There are people who are sad, depressed, some who are in shock, some who are relieved that their loved one is no longer in pain. There are those who are angry, those who are in quiet pain, those who do not know what to do. We don't really know how we're going to grieve until it happens to us. Each person deals with each grief differently Something that struck me years ago, after I had two of my closest family members pass away, was h

5 Things to Figure Out if You Are Single

I read a book awhile back, called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It's a great book and I highly recommend it. One of my takeaways from that book was something he said about relationships. He mentioned there was a time in his life where he was single, and he really wanted to find the right person. He knew what he wanted, but he didn't know EXACTLY what he wanted. So he decided to write it all down. He decided to write everything down about her down to how exactly she would look. Then he asked himself something along the lines of “Now who do I have to become to attract this kind of woman?” The reason I bring up this part of his book, is that a lot of times people date to find “the perfect mate,” but they don't even know what that really is for them. They have some idea, but when they come face to face with someone they want to date, it then gets tricky. They may allow things they may not have thought they'd ever allow because there is this sort of

5 Things to Let Go of During a Pandemic

Your fear During this time, it's easy to get caught up in the what ifs. It's easy to be afraid, because there are so many unknowns right now. But what if, instead, you choose to let go of your fear. You decide that now that you've been through this, you've seen so much more than you ever thought you would. And here you are, still surviving. You're making it through. You will one day be on the other side of this situation, be able to look back and say, “Wow! I got through that.” This is a time to realize what is important in life. It's not about how you look to everyone around you, it's not about keeping up false pretenses and phony fronts. It's about doing what will bring you joy. It's about waking up in the morning happy to be alive. What would you do if the world ended tomorrow? What would you feel you had missed out on? We are never promised any given amount of time. Today is the day to find your happiness. Don't wait a


Recently, I picked up a book again. It's called The Fear Book and it's by Cheri Huber. It's a quick read, but it is so wise. In reading this book, I learned a lot. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book: “Our world shrinks when we are paralyzed by fear of making mistakes, fear of doing something wrong. But if we simply take a step and see what happens, our world opens a little bit. Then we can take another step. Every step enlarges our view; everything we do shows us something.” (pg 12) I love this quote, it reminds me that the fear of making a mistake is not a good enough reason not to forge ahead. It is a reminder that something can seem scary or hard, but we don't know that until we take that next step to see what happens. I am finding this also helps me with my confidence. At one time, I expected confidence to come from outside sources, then at one point, I expected it to come from inside sources, but lately, I've found that I build