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5 Things You Can Do to Have a Better Relationship

  1. Put the other person's needs ahead of your own
We live in a society that's kind of an “all about me” place. We are taught to go after what we want, to pursue our dreams and goals, and sometimes, this means leaving other people in the dust. When it comes to our loved one, we need to remember what a huge priority they are. It can be hard at times to agree with and get along with ourselves, much less agree with and get along with another person. However, it's so worth it. If you can stop for a moment, and think about your partner's needs, and at times, put their needs ahead of your own. Especially if your partner is in a tough place. Maybe he or she is depressed, unemployed, sick, or just had surgery. It's good to take good care of yourself, and especially if you are a mom, it's important to do that. Just remember that the relationship you have with your partner is so important. It's what your children will look to when they are growing up and getting ready to settle down.
  1. Take a look at what you are doing wrong
It's easy to point the finger and see what the other person is doing wrong, but it's hard to look inward and see what we are doing wrong. Have you had past relationships where the same things keep coming up over and over? It's so easy to see clearly someone else's faults and look past our own. Take a long, deep look at your actions. Are you fostering an environment that is comfortable and happy for both of you? Are you making time, effort, energy and space for your partner? Do you give to him/her what you would give to yourself? Do you treat him/her the way you would treat someone special who you love and care for so much?
  1. Make time for your partner
In this crazy world, it's easy to run out of time at the end of the day. To feel like there was too much to do, and not enough time to do it. But if we don't make time for the person who is suppose to be the most important to us, how can we expect to have a good relationship with them? If I don't spend time with my kids, time with God, or even quality time with myself, how can I expect to have a good relationship with any? I love to see couples who go out for a weekly date. Especially after children come, there seems to be less and less time to spend together. However, the life that you are living now, depends so largely on how good your relationships with other people are. Most importantly your significant other. How can you show someone you love or care about them, if you don't have time for them? It's so important to spend that time, talking about how you're feeling, what you want and need, and just having fun! It is a priority.

  1. Do something unexpectedly sweet for them
Remember when you first fell in love? The dates, the roses, chocolates, maybe even sweet notes, or calls you sent to each other? Something that has crossed my mind lately is that in ourselves, we are looking for the 6 human needs to be fulfilled-love, certainty, uncertainty, significance, growth and contribution. But we also look to our significant other for those things. Am I growing with this person? Does he surprise me anymore? Do I have the certainty that he will do the same things over and over that I need him to do? Uncertainty is still an important part of a relationship. Uncertainty in the best way possible. Do something that he/she is not expecting. Something sweet and kind. It helps to rekindle that spark. It leads me to the next topic:
  1. Remember what made you fall in love with them in the first place
When you are with someone day in, day out, you're doing the mundane, sometimes annoying tasks of everyday life. You can forget that this person once made you so excited every time he called or texted. You had butterflies when you'd speak his name. Don't lose that. Don't forget who this person is to you. Think back about all the things that attracted you to this man or woman in the first place. How did you feel, what did you do? Remembering that feeling, and then thinking about all the wonderful moments you've shared since then, is a good way to get back to that magical feeling.

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